The Children problems are our problems!!!

Hope for Children is focused on children, influencing and shaping public opinion on issues related to children.

    Come and join us in our campaigns! The more people involved the more we can provide help to those in need!

    Do not be indifferent! Get involved in our projects! Together we can do more!

Child Rights Project

Hope for Children organization through this project aims to participate actively in the correct formation of collective opinion on the issue of child rights.
  These wonderful creatures, the children have not always , as they should someone to protect them, care for them and protect their rights. We aim to be present wherever necessary - and in this area regardless of how many steps are in progress on this issue is still room for improvement - to make known these rights and to ensure that they are respected. We believe that this project is of particular importance to children and is one of the fundamental reasons for the existence of Hope for Children Organization.


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